Creating Configuration Files

Using EXTRA! X-treme, you can create configuration files, but you must have the MCS Administrator's Edition to publish configuration files to MCS for centralized management and deployment.

To create host session configuration files
  1. Using the MCS Administrator's Edition, you can either start by creating a new session, or, from an existing session, choose New Session from the File menu.

    You may be asked to log on to the EXTRA! Centralized Management Server.

  2. Use the New Session wizard to provide the connection details needed to configure your new session.

    When you click Finish at the end of the wizard, the new session displays.

  3. From the File menu, choose Save Session As

    You can save the session with any name. The default file extensions indicate the session type — .EDP for display sessions, and .EPP for printer sessions.

In addition to host session configuration files, there are many other configurations that you may want to centrally manage and deploy to your users. These include macros, toolbars, QuickPads, hotspots, keyboard maps, and color schemes. EXTRA! installs a selection of configuration files that you use or modify.

For more information about creating this type of configuration file, with a session open, from the Help menu, choose EXTRA! Help Topics.

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