Overview: Deploying Presentations

You can deploy presentations by sending a URL to end users. This URL can either open the presentation directly, or you can send the URL for the myAccess Links page.

When users access the URL to the myAccess Links page through their browser, submitting their credentials, all the presentations saved on the MCS server are verified, and all of those presentations to which the user has been granted rights will be displayed as links on a Web page, making it easy for users to access multiple presentations created by Configuration Manager and Presentation Integrator.

You can modify the appearance and behavior of the myAccess Links page so that it becomes part of your application, displaying your business logo or blending into your Web site seamlessly. See the Customizing the myAccess Links Page topic for details.

Note If you provide direct access to a presentation, the description that was given to the presentation will appear in the title bar of the browser window that displays the presentation.

Secure Access

To ensure secure access to presentations, check three settings to make sure they match. First, check the Security Services configuration in MCS to verify the secure port number. Second, set the Presentation Builder Runtime Service location in Presentation Manger with the secure URL (one that includes the https protocol and the secure port number). Third, send a secure deployment URL to your end users.

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