Overview: Customizing the myAccess Links Page

The appearance and behavior of the myAccess Links page is controlled by the camconfig.properties file, which is located in the following directory:

Note The camconfig.properties file is a text file that you can edit manually. It has been thoroughly commented to make it easier to edit the fields within it. However, before you edit the properties file, we recommend that you first make a back-up copy for safekeeping.

The most important variable in the camconfig.properties file is layoutType. This variable must have one of three specific values assigned: default, enhanced, or custom.

default The standard layoutType, and the one to which the myAccess Links page will default if the camconfig.properties file is missing or corrupt. When default is entered as the layoutType, no other property in the camconfig.properties is used, although none should be deleted. The setting of default uses the standard Attachmate format for the myAccess Links page.

enhanced Allows for minor changes from the default. showLogo can be set to true to display a logo, or false if you don't want to display a logo. enhancedLogo can hold the name of a customized image file (which must be placed in the directory MCS_install_root/components/PresentationBuilder/camconfig/enhanced). The color of the background, text, and links can also be changed, following standard HTML formats for hex color coding. The order of the links to the presentations may be sorted and grouped in any specified arrangement.

custom Ignores all fields mentioned in enhanced mode. Instead, an HTML developer can create custom Web pages that will be used instead of the Attachmate default. As this page must contain the XSL code, most developers would create a custom directory and copy the default files in MCS_install_root/components/PresentationBuilder/camconfig/basic/en to a locale folder (en for English) under the new directory. The name of the new directory must be specified as the customDir in the camconfig.properties file. Modifications can be made to the copied files in the custom directory the same way as for any Web page, including the use of XML, applets, JavaScript, and style sheets. The XML code that displays the links must remain intact. Other fields in the custom section of camconfig.properties control how anchor elements function, and identify other HTML screens that will show if a system error occurs.

For further details on customizing the myAccess Links page, see Additional myAccess Links Properties.

Note To comply with browser localization formats, you must adhere to the localized directory structure specified by the java.lang.object java.util.locale class.

Three sample myAccess Links page formats, basic, personal, and table, are provided in the following folder:


Select any of these formats and edit it to fit your needs, or design your own custom myAccess Links page.

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