Overview: Deploying Clients in Presentations

When you finish configuring a viewer, a default presentation is automatically created for you. Both the default presentation and the configuration are stored on the MCS server. It is the presentation that you assign and deploy to users. There are a few ways to deploy presentations to users, including a customizable access page built into MCS called the myAccess Links page. The myAccess Links page lists all the presentations that have been assigned to the user who is logged in. When the user selects a presentation, the client is downloaded and displayed.

Customizing Presentations

The default presentation that is automatically created for you when you configure a viewer loads that viewer in the user's browser window. You can use Presentation Integrator to customize your default presentation. Presentation Integrator can then publish the customized presentations back to the MCS server, where they are available to be assigned and activated by Presentation Manager.

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