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Keystroke Savings Page

The productivity pane in EXTRA! provides features (such as Auto Expand and Auto Complete) which will reduce the amount of keystrokes end users must type to complete tasks. MCS provides a counter that shows the total number of keystrokes, the number saved, and calculates the percentage of keystrokes saved by these features.

Note Keystroke savings are not counted for VT sessions.

Number of Users Logged: The number of unique end user EXTRA! clients that have logged in to MCS.

Total Keystrokes Saved: Keystrokes saved by the productivity features.

Total Keystrokes Logged: The number of keystrokes performed on the clients that have logged in to MCS since the last reset.

Percentage of Overall Keystrokes: The percentage of keystrokes saved. For clients taking advantage of the Auto Expand feature, this may even get over 100%.

Reset Counter: Click this button to reset all counters to zero. The date field will reset to the current time and date when you click the button.

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