Using Web Services

You can generate Web services for both Java and VBI Script code. When you generate your code, the necessary Web service files are saved to your Project directory. In a typical Windows installation, My Documents\Attachmate\Verastream\BridgeDesigner\Projects\Project_Name\ws\java\build\dist\

Using Verastream Process Designer

Verastream Process Designer, which is available with your Verastream Bridge Integrator license, contains a Web services container that exposes any JAX-WS standard Java Web service. You can simply create a VBI project, drop your generated VBI JAR file (project_name.jar) along with the BridgeAPI.jar into the Process Designer Web services container, install location/ProcessServer/services/wscontainer/lib and restart the Process Server.

You can then use the Web service's WSDL to generate Web service Java or VBI Script clients. To access the required WSDL you would enter a URL like this: http://vpdserver:9999/<project_name>Service?wsdl


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