Protecting Sensitive Data


When typing authentication credentials in the Connect to Host dialog box, an asterisk (*) is displayed for each character you type in the Password field. When this information is saved to disk with your project, it is always encrypted.

Passwords are also obfuscated and encrypted when working with the changePassword API call.

Other Data

When you create variables, select the Treat as Sensitive Data check box to have the designer display the variable's value as asterisks. This also causes the data to be encrypted when saved to disk. Clearing the Treat as Sensitive Data check box in the designer will decrypt the data in your saved project files.

Sensitive Data in Generated Code

In generated code, any data marked as Sensitive is replaced with an empty string ("", 0, or null), and commented with this string: sensitive data removed, to make it easy to find. For this code to work as it does in the designer, you will need to replace the empty string or strings with the actual sensitive data.


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