Recording Bridge Interactions

You can add API calls to your project by recording host interactions, or by manually inserting the API calls.

Immediately after connecting to the host, recording automatically starts — all screens and interactions with the host are recorded and equivalent API calls are added to your project. (You can temporarily pause recording with a toolbar button.)

When you interact with the host, the following fundamental bridge API calls are recorded:

This API call is recorded
When you
connectBridge Connect to the host
setFieldValue Input data into the host application
sendKeys Press an AID key, navigating to a new screen
disconnect Disconnect from the host

To record bridge interactions

  1. With your project open in the designer, make sure the Live Interaction tab is active.
  2. Navigate the host to access the screens you'll want your custom host access application to access.

    The designer records every screen, as well as the actions needed to access each one. It also records every modified field by name. However, it does not record the actions needed to access each modified field.

    Changes to a screen (for example, a modified field value) will not be recorded until an AID key is sent.

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