Verastream Bridge Integrator Getting Started Documentation


What's New in Verastream Bridge Integrator

This version of Verastream Bridge Integrator includes the following new features and product improvements:

  • Support has been added for CICS Transaction Server 5.1.
  • Transaction Studio support for Verastream Process Designer R5 SP1 has been added.

    When you use VBI's Transaction Studio to access host transactions, the project generated is JAX-WS compliant. Verastream Process Designer R5 SP1 contains a Web services container that exposes any JAX-WS standard Java Web service. You can simply create a VBI project, drop your generated VBI JAR file (project_name.jar) along with the BridgeAPI.jar into the Process Designer Web services container, <install location>/ProcessServer/services/wscontainer/lib, and restart the Process Server.

  • New platform support for Java 7 has been added. See the Installation and Configuration Guide for a complete list of all system requirements and supported platforms.
  • The recently released Reflection for Secure IT, v 7.2 SP3 is available for enhanced SSH support.

    See the Installation Guide for information on installing the secure the SSH tunnel to your mainframe.