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What's New in Verastream Bridge Integrator

This version of Verastream Bridge Integrator includes the following new features and product improvements:

  • The on-host terminal pool ID management component provides terminal IDs for 3270 CICS transactions and an administrative console for pool and terminal maintenance. The ID Manager has new functionality and an improved user experience,including the ability to reformat the pool status screen and search on specific terminal pools. The ID manager is CICS transaction IDMG. The application program is called XTR1A007 and BMS mapset XTR1M40.

    See the Terminal Pool ID Manager Guide for detailed instructions on how to use the ID Manager.

  • New platform support for Windows 7 and Windows 2008 Server has been added. See the Installation and Configuration Guide for a complete list of all system requirements and supported platforms.

  • Performance is improved using enhanced SSL connections, via Attachmate Reflection for Secure IT. See the Installation and Configuration Guide topic, Enhanced SSH support using Reflection for Secure IT, v 7.2, for instructions on how to use this security tunnel.

  • Trace Player, version 3.4 is included in this version of VBI. Trace Player can be used to record and play back data from screen-oriented systems, such as IBM 3270/5250, UNISYS, VT hosts, as well as for transactional-based systems such as CICS and IMS.

    Instructions on how to use Trace Player with VBI is available. There is a Trace Player User Guide as well as a Quick Start Guide for Trace Player available in PDF format in the Utilities\TracePlayer directory.

  • An updated API is available in this release. The documentation for this new functionality is available, as Javadocs, from the Installation page.

    The API, with which you interact with the host through the Bridge component installed on the host, has been updated to Java standards and made much easier to use.