Reflection for Secure IT Windows Client 8.1

February 2019

1.0 Summary

Reflection for Secure IT Windows Client 8.0.1 is available now for new and existing customers. This technical note provides information about how to obtain your update and a list of features and fixes included in the update. This note also includes fixes in Reflection FTP Client 16.0, which is included with Reflection for Secure IT Windows Client. 8.0.1 is cumulative and also applies the features and fixes provided in earlier updates and service packs. For a list of these features and fixes see the following:

For important information regarding security updates and installing Reflection for Secure IT, see Technical Note  2288.

2.0 Obtaining the Update

Maintained customers are eligible to download the latest product releases from the Attachmate Downloads website For information about logging into and using the Download Library, see Technical Note  0200.

3.0 What’s New

Many of these improvements were made in direct response to suggestions from our customers. We thank you for your time and valuable input. We hope you continue to help us ensure that our products meet all your needs.

3.1 Reflection for Secure IT Windows Client 8.1

  • Added support to send a complete certificate chain when the client identity is in the SystemStore. See product documentation for supported algorithms.

  • Added a new setting to the ssh config file which allows an administrator to configure public key algorithms used by the client.

  • Enhanced the usability of logging to include Negotiated Host Key Algorithm and the Key Exchange method name.

  • Improved support for ActivClient 7.1 when configured for PKCS#11.

  • Added PKI search support for finding ActivClient 7.x driver in the new file location.

  • Improved support of managed SSH sessions for PKIc when managing Reflection sessions in MSS.

  • Made improvements to the PKI search abilities to differentiate similar certificates with the samecertificate name and expiration date.

3.2 Reflection FTP Client 16.2

  • Added support for AS/400 sessions in the FTP Client to use Windows Credentials for file transfers.

  • Improved SFTP logging to no longer prompt for input and instead write a statement to the log when the user folder is unavailable.

  • Added support for " " when using the FTP command client around target directory.

  • Improved Reflection FTP Client usability when running in an APP-V 5.1 environment.

  • SFTP command line client no longer displays a message box and now writes a statement to the log.

  • Improved functionality of the multiple delete (mdel) command in the SFTP command line.

  • Enhanced registry key versioning to improve the startup experience of the Reflection FTP client.

4.0 Legal Notice

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