Reflection Desktop 16.2 Update 3 Release Notes (Includes Updates 1 & 2)


Reflection Desktop products are full-featured desktop applications that allow you to run host applications, transfer files, and integrate host data into the latest Windows and Office software applications.

  • Reflection Desktop for IBM provides access to applications running on IBM mainframe and AS400 systems.

  • Reflection Desktop for UNIX and OpenVMS provides access to applications running on UNIX and OpenVMS systems.

  • Reflection Desktop provides access to applications running on IBM, UNIX, and OpenVMS systems.

  • Reflection Desktop for X provides access to applications running on UNIX and OpenVMS systems. It also includes Reflection X Advantage, an X server that allows you to view your UNIX desktop and work with X client applications from a remote workstation.

  • Reflection Desktop Pro includes Reflection Desktop along with Reflection X Advantage, and provides access to applications running on IBM, UNIX, and OpenVMS systems, as well as X client applications.

  • The Reflection Desktop for NonStop Add-On is a separately licensed product for connecting to HP NonStop hosts (Tandem 6530).

These release notes include new improvements and resolved issues for Reflection Desktop 16.2 Updates 1, 2, and 3.

Many of these improvements were made in direct response to suggestions from our customers. We thank you for your time and valuable input. We hope you continue to help us ensure that our products meet all your needs.

What’s New?

Reflection Desktop 16.2 Updates 1, 2, and 3 include several improvements.

Update 3 (Version 16.2.780)

Reflection X Advantage

  • Added support to send a complete certificate chain when the client identity is in the SystemStore. Added support to send intermediate CAs along with the user certificate (RFC6187). This feature allows the client to send a complete Certificate chain (if available) when the client identity is in the SystemStore and the algorithms from RFC6187 are being attempted.

Update 2 (Version 16.2.754)

Reflection Workspace

  • The key combinations Ctrl+Left Arrow and Ctrl+Right Arrow now move the cursor to the previous field or word in 3270 and 5250 sessions to match the behavior of Extra!.

  • The RADIUS protocol is now supported as an authenticator when a user is attempting to access host resources from Host Access Management & Security Server (MSS) 12.6 via Micro Focus Advanced Authentication (MFAA).

Update 1 (Version 16.2.731)

Reflection Workspace

  • For VT terminals, added the Capture Incoming Data action that is available in the Extra! product and in InfoConnect Enterprise editions. You can use the Capture Incoming Data action to capture data received from the host and save it to a file. This allows you to save a report (or other data) on the host screen and distribute it as a text file. It is also useful for logging data received from the host.

Reflection Desktop for NonStop Add-On

  • Added the ability to map OSS (i.e., VT emulation mode) colors separate from the Guardian mode colors.

  • Added the ability to switch the host file display between Guardian API and USS modes when connected to a Non-Stop FTP Server.

  • The Fast Paste option has been removed and replaced with a Fast Paste button in the Reflection for Non-Stop host sessions.

  • The ability to clear the clipboard has been added to Reflection for Non-Stop host sessions.

Resolved Issues

Reflection Desktop 16.2 Updates 1,2, and 3 resolved the following issues.

Update 3 (Version 16.2.780)

Reflection Workspace

  • Multi-threaded HLLAPI apps can now connect to multiple terminals with each thread connecting to its own terminal and interacting with it. Before this fix, the threads wrote to a single session.

  • The EXTRACOM Screen.WaitForKeys() method now correctly captures key presses from the host session instead of timing out.

  • Problems that occasionally occurred when exiting a Terminal User Control (TUC) WPF application have been fixed.

  • Fixed an unintended UI Preference change; “Look and Feel / Color Scheme” was set to Office 2016, when using workspace update files.

  • Fixed problems that caused crashes when the user’s MyDocument location was mapped to a folder in which the user did not have write access. 

  • Fixed random crashes that occurred when loading and running VBS macros in 6530 sessions.

  • Copying a continuous Primary Account Number PAN and pasting it into multiple fields now works as expected. 

  • Fixed problems that occurred when using certain barcode scanners.

  • Resolved an intermittent problem with the VBA WaitForHostSettle method. This method occasionally did not return a value or returned a value after exceeding the timeout value.

  • Fixed issues that caused some macros (or parts of macros) to be improperly displayed in the Run Reflection Workspace Macro dialog. This fix allows the display of VBA macros in dialogs when a comment has been added on the sub declaration line.

  • The Padlock tool tip on the Status Bar refreshes correctly when switching between sessions.

Reflection X Advantage

  • Session definitions named with a semicolon now launch properly.

  • The mouse pointer now moves smoothly when running X clients in sessions with Remote session services enabled.

  • A new compatibility mode is available for working with older SGI clients. The new feature can be enabled by adding '-Drx.sgicompatibility.sessions=<session name>' to the rxmgr.alp file. With this feature enabled, the following error is no longer displayed:

    * X Error of failed request: BadLength (poly request too large or internal Xlib length error)

  • Window stacking is now performed correctly when running the EMS X client.

  • The Motif window manager no longer freezes when run in an X terminal desktop session that is minimized by using the combination of the Windows and Down Arrow keys.

  • Fonts with a non-zero max-byte1 value are now rendered correctly. EUC fonts are an example of fonts which can have a non-zero max-byte1 value.

Update 2 (Version 16.2.754)

Reflection Workspace

  • Fixed the FTP command line -q option to display the correct output data when certain commands are executed while the switch is invoked. This fix restores the original behavior for the -q option.

  • In certain situations, SSH sessions would not disconnect when the setting Disconnect automatically when token is removed was enabled.

  • Fixed the decoding of custom extensions in certificates.

  • Fixed problems where legacy VBA code was missing in SharedMacros files.

  • The Enter key and Function keys now work properly after selecting and deleting double-byte characters in a 5250 terminal.

  • Legacy SharedMacros.r2w and SharedMacros.r4w files now open in the Classic user interface mode.

  • When Spell Check replaces a shorter word with a longer word it no longer causes the input inhibited condition that displayed the X Stickman right-arrow in the Operator Information Area (OIA).

  • Fixed an issue where, if the workspace setting Open documents in same workspace was checked, the splash screen didn't appear.

  • The HLLAPI QueryFieldAttribute function now returns the expected value of 24 when the screen is unformatted, instead of 0.

Reflection X Advantage

  • When using RXA Local Input Method Editor (IME) mode, the Delete key now works in gnome-terminal sessions.

  • When using the Reflection Window Manager, certain X clients no longer stop responding after windows are maximized or minimized.

  • The X Manager now starts even if it was improperly shut down. The following error message is no longer displayed:

    Database may be in inconsistent state.

  • Running glxinfo no longer results in the following protocol error:

    X Error of failed request: GLXBadContextTag

  • Secure Shell connection issues no longer occur when connecting to OpenVMS hosts.

  • Double Byte True Type Fonts now display properly when using Remote Session Services.

Update 1 (Version 16.2.731)

Reflection Workspace

  • Fixed an issue that caused the Reflection Workspace and host sessions to stop responding (“freeze”) when left idle for a period of time. Host session “freezes” could occur for a number of reasons and could also occur if the Reflection Workspace was resized or the Windows screen resolution was changed while the host sessions were running.

  • The Reflection Desktop host sessions now disconnect when a CAC/PIV card is removed from the card reader.

  • When managed by a Host Access Management and Security Server (MSS), an SSH connection to an OpenVMS system no longer fails to reconnect after the first successful connection.

  • Resolved an issue where referencing an Extra! Session object by a session name with the Sessions.Item method failed and displayed the error message “Runtime error 450. Wrong number of arguments."

  • Using the ALT-key and other key combinations did not properly perform menu activation when running in Classic MDI mode for 3270 connections.

  • Using the CTRL-TAB key to switch back to Reflection Desktop from another Windows application could put focus on the Search box instead of the terminal session window.

  • Resolved some causes of the following two errors: “Reflection SSL/TLS library (RSCAPI.DLL) missing or damaged” and “Unable to launch Reflection. Make sure Reflection is installed and registered correctly." These errors were caused by the incomplete loading of the Reflection security modules for secure TLS connections.

  • IND$FILE file transfer to TSO (uploads) no longer adds unnecessary single quotes (tick marks) around multilevel dataset names. The user is now in control and responsible for adding the appropriate tick marks to the TSO dataset names.

  • Fixed an unhandled exception error which could occur when trying to create a new host session from an encrypted host session template.

  • Resolved an issue where the Copy command failed to copy selected text to the clipboard if the Control key was pressed down before releasing the left mouse button.

  • The ThisTerminal.vbProject and the ThisIbmTerminal.vbProject now correctly point to the vbProject of the session that is open.

Reflection X Advantage

  • Fixed an issue that caused the Reflection X Advantage Manager to stop responding (“freeze”) temporarily when configured for “On my Desktop” while running the Serena PVCS Version Manager application.

Reflection Desktop for Non-Stop

  • Resolved an issue where Reflection Desktop for Non-Stop (RD6) host sessions could crash while waiting for a host connection timeout.

  • Fixed a problem where Reflection Desktop for Non-Stop (RD6) host sessions and the Reflection Workspace could crash when switching to another open host session while opening a new host session or closing an existing session.

  • Resolved issues which could occur with the Find function in a Reflection Desktop for NonStop (RD6) host session.

  • A “Could not read file...” error no longer occurs if the mouse pointer is placed over the Quick Access Toolbar or the Reflection Workspace Ribbon while opening a Reflection for Non-Stop (RD6) host session.

Installing Reflection Desktop

Maintained customers are now eligible to download the latest product releases at You will be prompted to login and accept the Software License Agreement before you can download a file.

If you have already installed Reflection Desktop 16.2, you can apply the .msp file for this update to your existing installation.

If you use the setup.exe file available with this update to reinstall Reflection Desktop 16.2, you will need to reselect the features you want to install during the installation process. The full installation includes this update.

For information about installing, see the Reflection Help and the Reflection Desktop Deployment Guide.

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