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In This Topic
    IIbmTerminal Interface
    In This Topic
    The IIbmTerminal interface is an interface to access an IBM 3270 or 5250 host emulation session object.
    Object Model
    IIbmTerminal InterfaceInputMapActionSequence ClassInputMapActionSequence ClassIContextMenus InterfaceIFileTransfer InterfaceIKeyboardMapper InterfaceIMacro InterfaceIMouseMapper InterfaceIProductivity InterfaceIIbmScreen InterfaceITheme InterfaceIUiControlActionMapper Interface
    Public Interface IIbmTerminal 
       Inherits Attachmate.Reflection.Framework.IControl 
    Dim instance As IIbmTerminal
    public interface IIbmTerminal : Attachmate.Reflection.Framework.IControl  
    The control Guid is the input parameter for CreateControl( Guid controlType) in Application object.

    The control Guid for 3270 IbmTerminal control is {09E5A1B4-0BA6-4546-A27D-FE4762B7ACE1}.

    The control Guid for 5250 IbmTerminal control is {AF03A446-F278-4624-B9EF-C896DF2CA1CA}.

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