Read Me INFOConnect Enterprise Edition
Attachmate® INFOConnect® Print and Transaction Router 9.2 June 2013


This file includes any late-breaking information about the Print and Transaction Router (PTR) 9.2 that could not be included in the documentation.


You can install and run PTR alone or as an add-on to INFOConnect Enterprise Edition 9.2.

If you're installing PTR on a 64-bit Windows operating system, use the 64-bit driver which allows parallel port usage. This driver is available as a separate package (infoee-icpps-wx64).

To run PTR as a standalone product:

From the PTR folder on the DVD or eDelivery image, run setup.exe.

To run PTR as an add-on:

  1. Install INFOConnect Enterprise Edition.
  2. From the PTR folder on the DVD or eDelivery image, run the AddPTR.cmd file. You can run it from a command line, via a batch file, or from Windows Explorer (by double-clicking it).

New Features

This release of PTR includes the following new feature:

Additional Payment Card Industry (PCI) protection

When the PTR Route Printer Type is set to MSR/FOID, sensitive data is obfuscated in accordance with the IATA FOID rules. What this means is, credit card information that appears in the MSR tracks is partially or wholly concealed by X characters, depending on the data type. (Credit card numbers are partially concealed; CVV codes are wholly concealed.) This change impacts data going through the PTR OLE API, including the PTRSTray Device Data column.

Legal Notices

See the INFOConnect Enterprise Edition Read Me file for legal and third party notices.