Databridge Installation Guide
New Features
Security Guidelines
System Requirements
Related Documentation
Description of Files on the Installation Image
Installing Databridge on Windows
Run the Migrate Program on Windows
The Working Directory
Installer Advanced Tab
Updatepath Dialog Box
Client Configuration Dialog Box
Installing the Databridge Client on UNIX
Install the Databridge Client on UNIX
Run the Migrate Program on UNIX
Install the Client Console on UNIX
Installing the Databridge Host
Before You Upgrade the Databridge Host
Back Up Changes to Host Files
Suspend Databridge Plus Before Upgrading
Install the Databridge Host
Set Up Guardfiles
Setting Up a Relational Database
Setting Up a SQL Server Database
Setting Up an Oracle Database
Getting Started
Next Steps for the Databridge Client
Start the Service / daemon
Start the Client Console
Introducing the Batch Console
Switch from User Scripts to the Client Configurator
Starting Enterprise Server
Installation Results
Files Installed with Databridge Host
Files Installed with Databridge Enterprise Server
Files Installed with the Databridge Client and Client Console
Files Installed with Databridge Plus
Copyrights and Notices