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New Features

Databridge 6.3 includes the following changes.

All-Product Features

This version is qualified to run on DMSII level 58.1 (MCP 17). New DMSII features introduced in 58.1 are not supported.

DMSII level 57.1 (MCP 16.0) support. This version supports XL databases, which contain up to 16000 structures and 4000 data sets.

Oracle 12c support

Microsoft SQL Server 2014 support


Databridge Host

The Databridge Host software now uses the new DMSII Support Library to retrieve data records from the DMSII database.This library is a more standardized approach for accessing the DMSII database than the previous approach, which used procedure references that pointed directly at procedures in the actual DMSII database stack (Accessroutines). The latter approach left Databridge vulnerable to any changes made to the DMSII software architecture.

The cloning process has changed. During a clone, Databridge only accesses the DMSII database in inquiry mode, except for the following conditions:

  • The clone is OFFLINE
  • READ ACTIVE AUDIT = FALSE (in DBEngine parameter file)
  • In addition, clones no longer mark the audit trail with begin- and end-transactions.

Unsafe constructs have been removed from DBEngine. Previously, an LFILES OBJECT/DATABRIDGE/ENGINE would report that it was NON-EXECUTABLE:UNSAFE.

Databridge Client

Note: The Databridge 6.3 Client is virtually identical to the 6.2 SP2 client with the exception of a few minor fixes. For a list of issues that are resolved in version 6.3, see the Read Me file (readme.txt).

Enhancements have been made to the timer thread to optionally implement timeouts to stop the Client after stuck queries or a lack of data from the server.

Automated handling of non-US Oracle databases and Oracle databases whose character set is UTF8.

64-bit counters are now used for statistics. This eliminates any possibility of overflow during full clones.