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Files Installed with the Databridge Client and Client Console

During installation, the Databridge Client 6.3 copies files to the install directory and a client-specific directory (such as SQLServer). On Windows, the install directory is located at C:\Program Files\Attachmate\DATABridge\6.3. In addition, the Attachmate Installer Program installs a Setup folder in this location containing files that repair, reinstall, and remove the program.

In the following tables, the filenames represent both UNIX and Windows files. Windows extensions are provided in brackets ([ ]). The following files are copied to the install directory:




The Batch Console automates routine Client tasks by allowing command files/shell scripts launched by the Client service to interact with the service. For more information, see the Databridge Client Administrator's Guide.


A binary file that the Databridge service/daemon uses to retrieve the text associated with error status codes generated by various Databridge components.


The service (Windows) or daemon (UNIX) that automates most Client operations. It handles operator requests from the Client Console and routes all log and informational messages to the consoles.

The service has no effect on dbutility command-line operations.


A command-line program that implements the import and export commands for the service configuration file. It converts the service configuration file (dbcontrol.cfg) from its native binary format to text format (.ini) and back using the export and import commands.


A utility that allows you to delete all log files from the service and the individual data source directories except for the most recent N. Run this utility from the working directory for the service or the data source whose log files you want to manage. The number of files to retain are specified on the command line for logmaint as optional parameters. When used for the client, it has two parameters. The first parameter is for the DBClient and dbutility log files. The second parameter is for DBClnCfgServer log files. The parameters default to 10 and can be set to a value as low as 2.


A text file that contains late-breaking information for the product.

setfilesecurity.exe (Windows only)

A Windows program that lets you set file security for all files and directories in the Working Directory, (which includes changes to the Windows registry). This program functions the same as the utility started by the installer, except that it doesn't allow you change the system or user path. You must run this program as Administrator.

The following files are copied to the client-specific directory:



bcp_auditor.exe (Windows only)

A program that scans the bcp output to determine if the bcp utility was successful. The bcp_auditor utility sets the exit code correctly. This utility applies only to Microsoft SQL Server databases.


A Client program that is launched by the service. DBClient handles the processing of DMSII data and updates the same as dbutility, except that it runs as a background run and uses the Client Console to display its output and interact with the operator.


A program that handles all requests from the Client Console specific to a data source. These requests include updating the client configuration file, providing access to the client control tables, and handling the Client Configurator. Like DBClient, this program is run by the service as a background run.


Japanese double-byte translation DLL and sample configuration files.

Depending on which character set the mainframe uses, copy the appropriate dbtrans file to the config directory as dbtrans.cfg. Also, copy the file dbgaiji.smp to the config directory as dbgaiji.cfg.


A program used for updating existing client control tables when upgrading from a previous client release.


A program used to encode relational database and DBServer (or DBEnterprise Server) passwords in text configuration files and change passwords in text and binary configuration files.

Note: Passwords set in the Client Console are automatically encoded in binary configuration files.


An program that modifies the Client control tables according to changes specified by the user scripts and enables the Client Configurator to make future modifications to the table layout.


A program that runs the Databridge Client from a command line.

getlogtail.exe (Windows only)

A program that extracts the tail of the current log file and writes it to the file trace.log.


The upgrade program that updates configuration settings and creates the working directory structure. It copies the updated configuration files and any user scripts to the new working directory structure.


A utility that splits large trace files into smaller files. Used primarily for sending files to Attachmate for troubleshooting.


A program that displays the content of the NULL record file for a given data source.

*Installed only when the Japanese language feature is selected.

Client Console Files

Files for the Client Console are installed in the following two directories at C:\Program Files\Attachmate\DATABridge\6.3.




Contains the configuration file, initialization file, and plugins subdirectory. The plugins subdirectory which contains required Eclipse plugins and source code plugins for the Databridge Client Configurator.


Contains the configuration file, initialization file, and plugins subdirectory. The plugins subdirectory which contains required Eclipse plugins and source code plugins for the Databridge Client Console. The JRE subdirectory contains files for the Java Runtime Environment.