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Data Set Properties Dialog Box

Getting there

The properties in this dialog box are for information only and can't be edited.

Structure #

The unique number of the data set assigned by DMSII.

Record size

The size of the record, measured in words and bytes. (DMSII may allow larger record sizes than the relational database.)


Indicates the physical organization of the data set. Certain data set types, such as STANDARD, do not move records and the AAs remain fixed until a reorganization. Other data set types, such as ORDERED, move records whenever needed and therefore do not have fixed AAs.

For more information, see the documentation for DASDL.

Format Level

Indicates the DASDL update level when a change was last made to the layout of this data set.

Row filter

Click to open the Row Filter dialog box. This button appears only when viewing data set properties of DBEnterprise local (filtered) sources.


When selected, indicates that the definition of the data set has been altered from its original layout using the ALTER declaration in DBGenFormat.


When selected, indicates that the data set layout has changed and requires either ALGOL code on the MCP server or C++ in Enterprise Server to reformat it.

Valid AA

When selected, indicates that the data record has an absolute address and may be suitable candidate for a key or primary key if a static AA is not available. The DMSII data set type (see Type) determines whether the AA is a valid key or not. Standard data sets, for example, have valid AAs.

Static AA

When selected, indicates that the data set includes a unique data item that won't change in the event of a reorganization and is therefore suitable for a key or primary key.


When selected, indicates that the data set has one or more data items that refer to another record in this or another data set. A link can be sent to the client as a data item in an AA format and the table containing the link item can be joined with the table containing the target record. If checked, you may need to reclone this data set if the target data set is reorganized.

Extract only

When selected, indicates that the data set is embedded within a parent data set that does not have a valid AA (for example, Ordered or Compact). Records in this kind of embedded data set cannot be tracked. Also, if the DASDL option INDEPENDENTTRANS is reset, embedded data sets in the entire database cannot be tracked or fixed up. These embedded data sets can be extracted (the first phase of a clone), if the run-time option DBV_OP_EMB_EXTR is set.