Syntax: USERCODE worker_usercode

This entry represents the usercode (and any associated FAMILY substitution) under which the DBSERVER/WORKER stack will run. DBServer initiates the stack as a process when the DATABridge Client connects to DBServer, prior to opening the DMSII database.

If you want the DBSERVER/WORKER/n stack to run under usercodes other than the DBServer usercode, do the following:

  1. Assign the TASKING attribute to the usercoded DBServer object file. From the ODT, enter the following command:


    where usercode is the usercode where the file resides.

  2. Change SECURITYTYPE to PRIVATE or GUARDED. This is recommended because the TASKING attribute allows the DBSERVER/WORKER/n stack to be started under a usercode other than the DBServer usercode.
  3. If DBServer was active in the mix when you set the TASKING attribute, bring it down and then restart it to make TASKING effective.