Advantages of DATABridge

DATABridge provides the following benefits:

  • Cloning is only required once.
  • The data sets in the primary and secondary database are synchronized.
  • You can select only the items you want to replicate from the primary database.
  • You can replicate to many platforms.
  • DATABridge has low resource requirements. While there is some additional storage cost for the secondary database, it's less than the cost of straight database extraction.
  • When you use the DATABridge host and client software, no file transfer utility is required to move the replicated data.
  • The secondary database provides a secure way to make data available to selected individuals, departments, or sites while protecting the primary database on the host.
  • The data is available on the client system even when the host is down or experiencing long wait times, or the data communication connection is broken.
  • The client system provides the processing resources for database queries—there is no impact on the host. And since the data is typically filtered (that is, the client database contains only the necessary data items) there is less overhead.

You can avoid the prohibitive time and expense of developing (or purchasing) custom data conversion and porting software, as well as reducing costly mainframe hardware purchases that might be necessary if all users accessed the host directly.