About DATABridge

DATABridge is a combination of host software and optional client software that provides automated replication of DMSII databases and flat files. All replications occur while the DMSII database is active. After the initial clone, DATABridge updates the secondary database, copying only the DMSII data changes from the audit trail.

By copying the DMSII data to another system, you can offload all queries, reporting, and decision support to a secondary database—such as a relational database on a remote UNIX or Windows server—and reduce the expense associated with mainframe resources. Alternatively, you can copy DMSII data to a secondary database on the host. During replication, the mainframe database can be available at all times instead of being shut down for extractions and downloads and then being reopened for updates.

The following diagram shows the DATABridge architecture, including the optional DATABridge Enterprise Server and DATABridge Client.

global db linked file template