Set Service Properties

Use the following procedure to set service parameters for all data sources associated with a service.

Additional service parameters, such as scheduling, are available in the Client Configuration dialog box. However, these parameters affect only the selected data source. See Customize the Client Configuration.

To set service parameters in the Properties view

  1. From the Explorer view, right-click the service and select Properties.
  2. In the Properties view, specify the following


IPC Port

The TCP/IP port number on which the service listens for connection requests from the Client Console or client runs. This value reflects the host name and port you used when you added the service. By default, this number is 8001.

Legacy parameter name is ipc_port.

Number of Script Launcher Threads

Defines the size of the pool of threads that the service uses to launch end of run and externally launched scripts (Fidelity scripts that will be launched by the mainframe operator). The reason for having threads is that the service waits for the scripts to complete. Without threads long scripts would put the service out of commission. If all threads are busy, the execution of the scripts is delayed until a thread become available.

Legacy parameter name is n_scr_threads.

Startup Delay

Defines the delay that the service imposes when starting consecutive process command runs for various data sources. This is designed to alleviate the bottleneck in the DATABridge Server that results in causes some of the command to fail.

Legacy parameter name is startup_delay.