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About This Guide

This guide contains instructions for configuring and using the Attachmate DATABridge Client. This preface includes information to help you use this guide.

While this guide can be used with the either command-line or service-controlled Client, it is intended primarily for command-line Client operations. For information specific to the service-controlled Client, see the following topics in this chapter or refer to the Help in the DATABridge Client Console:

To install, configure, and run DATABridge, you should be a system administrator familiar with the following:

  • Standard Unisys® operations for MCP-hosted mainframes such as the CS7xxx series, Libra series, ClearPath® NX/LX or A Series
  • DMSII databases and Data And Structure Definition Language (DASDL)
  • File layouts and the description of those layouts for the files you will be replicating