Updating Client Control Tables

Some values in the client control tables can be updated. For best results, use the Client Configurator to customize the table layout for the relational database instead of directly editing the control tables.

Note: If you previously used user scripts to update control tables and want to switch to the Client Configurator, you'll need to update your client control tables first. For instructions, see the Next Steps section in the DATABridge Installation Guide.

Edit these values

To do this

Values in the active column of all tables

Set cloning on or off for data sets or DMS items.

Values in the dms_subtype column of the DMS_ITEMS tables

Specify the format of a field that is to be cloned as a date.

The set_name column in the DATASETS table and the item_key columns in the DMS_ITEMS table

Create a composite key.

The columns ds_options in the DATASETS table, di_options in DMS_ITEMS, dt_options in DATATABLES and da_options in DATAITEMS

Set a value. Make sure that you do not clear any existing bits. You should use the logical OR and AND operator ( | and & for SQL Server; BITOR and BITAND for Oracle). The BITOR function is automatically created by the Oracle client, while the BITAND function is native to Oracle.

The sql_type, sql_length and sql_scale columns in the DATAITEMS table

Force the define command to remap values.

The dms_concat_num column in the DMS_ITEMS table

Set the value of the dms_item_number you want concatenated to this item.

The table_name and index_name columns in the DATATABLES table


The item_name column in the DATAITEMS table