Default: False
Range: True or False

Use this option to prevent the DATABridge Client from inadvertently dropping history tables during a clone, process, or drop command or to prevent the clean-up scripts from running.

This is a safeguard to prevent the user from making an unrecoverable error. If you want the tables dropped and are sure of that, you can change this setting and rerun the client. However, make sure to set it back to True for the next time.


  • If the data source is dropped it cannot be reprocessed because the DATABridge Client attempts to drop the history table, and the option prevents this from happening.
  • Cleanup scripts deal with tables that are partially recloned. In the case of multiple source tables, they are recloned one data source at a time. In the case of tables that preserve deleted records, the deleted records are preserved during a clone. In the case of MISER data sets that hold history and resident records, the table is recloned without dropping the history records (which is different than DATABridge Client history tables).