How Lister Works

Lister reads a DMSII DESCRIPTION file and a parameter file to produce a report describing the data definition of a DMSII database (database layout). This report also lists the structure numbers of the data sets you want to replicate. These structure numbers appear in the Span parameter file.

The Lister report lists all the data sets in the DMSII database. Note that if you are using a tailored support library, data sets excluded by a filter will not appear on the report.

In addition to the data set structure number, the report shows information for formatting routines, such as offsets and sizes, and the name of the Support Library used to generate the report. By default, the report is written to a printer file, but you can file equate the output device by modifying the WFL. For example, to write the report to a data file, equate the FILE LINE as follows:



where datafilename is the name of the data file to which the report will be written.