DATABridge Client Messages

This section lists errors and messages that may occur when running the DATABridge Client. Messages generally appear onscreen or in the log file. If tracing is enabled, messages are captured in the trace file. (The verbose (-v) tracing option generates a large number of low-level messages; therefore, these messages only appear in the trace file.)

Messages are listed here in alphabetic order. To search for a message that starts with the name of some element of your system (such as a file or host name), use other words in the message as search criteria. Actual messages contain names instead of variables; therefore, your message may not appear in the order you expect. Additionally, messages that appear in more than one section of this guide will be found under "section_name".

For a list of trace messages and exit codes, see the appendices of DATABridge Client Administrator's Guide.

In this section

Command Messages

Client Errors

Host Messages That Appear on the Client

Sockets Errors

ODBC Errors

OCI Errors


Messages Associated with Client Exit Codes