DATABridge Host and Enterprise Server Messages

This section numerically lists messages generated primarily by the DATABridge Host, its components and accessories, and DATABridge Enterprise Server.

Messages may appear on the station running a component or accessory linked to DBEngine and in the component's report file. On the MCP server, messages are displayed by the default error handler in DBSupport. Custom error handling routines can help you manage error-prone situations by performing an action when a particular error is encountered. For example, if DATABridge Server encounters an error while trying to notify a client system, an error handling routine may cause DATABridge Server to retry the notification. For information about creating custom error handling routines, see the DATABridge Programmer’s Reference.

In this section

0000-0899 (DBEngine)

0900-0999 (Accessories)

1000-1099 (DBServer)

1100-1199 (DBEnterprise)

1200-1299 (DBSpan)

1300-1399 (DBSnapshot)

1400-1499 (DBSupport)

1500-1599 (DBAuditTimer)

1600-1699 (DBGenFormat)

1800-1899 (DBTanker)

1900-1999 (DBTwin)

4000-4099 (DBDMSIIClient)

Status Messages

Windows Event DBDirector Messages

DATABridge Plus Messages