Specify processing settings for the selected data source. Configuration file parameters are provided in parentheses.


Scheduling parameters apply only to processing commands that are initiated by the service.


Select this option to initiate client runs manually.

Fixed delay (in seconds)

Select the check box to specify a fixed delay (in seconds) between the time one client run stops and another one begins for the same data source.


Using the clocks provided, specify one or more times at which the service starts a client run if a client run isn't already in progress.

Automatic Run Options

Process data source on service startup

Starts a client process command any time the service restarts.

Redefine data source when DMSII reorganization detected

Select this option to continue processing without any interruptions after a DMSII reorganization, provided the reorganization did not affect the table layout. When the exit code for a process command indicates that a DMSII reorganization has been encountered, the Client starts DBClntCfgServer and then runs a redefine command to determine if the DMSII reorganization affected the table layout. If the table layout isn't affected, the redefine command returns an exit status of 0, and the service immediately launches a process command.

If the redefine command determines that new scripts must be generated, manual intervention is required. To have the Client automatically generate scripts in these cases, select Generate scripts after an automatic redefine in addition to this option.

Generate scripts after an automatic redefine

Select this option to have DBClntCfgServer run a generate command when the exit code for a redefine or process command specifies that a generate command is required. This command creates a new set of scripts for the tables of data sets that require them. This usually indicates that the data set has been added or that the reorganization caused the data set to be recloned.

Note: If the exit status for the redefine command indicates that a generate command is required, this means that one or more data sets will be recloned. If you do not want clone commands automatically started, refrain from setting this option.