Decoding DMSII Dates, Times, and Date/Times

This section explains the following:

  • How to decode DMSII dates, times, and date/time formats into appropriate relational database types by modifying the DMS_ITEMS client control table via the script.user_layout.primary_tablename user script
  • How to change the SQL data type of the resulting relational database column

    Note: In DATABridge Client 6.1 and later, you can make the same types of customizations to the client control tables using the Client Configurator as you can by writing user scripts. You can find a complete description of the additional requirements for user scripts that are compatible with the Client Configurator in Appendix D: Customization Scripts. For information about using the Client Configurator to customize your data source, see the DATABridge Client Console Help.

After you are familiar with the concepts in this section, see Appendix D: Customization Scripts.