Attachmate Enterprise Server is a Windows-based solution for DMSII data replication and integration. Enterprise Server works in conjunction with DATABridge Host software to move much of the cloning and filtering workload from the Unisys MCP-based mainframe (host) to a ClearPath PC or to a Windows server, thereby reducing mainframe resource usage and related expense.

From the DATABridge Enterprise window, you can view your data sources and their properties. Data sources can include MCP disks and sources defined by DATABridge Server Accessory (on the host). For a complete description of DATABridge, see the DATABridge Installation Guide.

What's New in 6.1?

For a list of new features in Enterprise Server 6.1, see the DATABridge Installation Guide.

Where Do I Start?

To get started right away, go directly to Setting Up.

Release Issues

The Read Me file contains information that became available after this guide was written. You can find the Read Me at the root of the installation media. In addition, release notes are available on the Attachmate Web site with other Attachmate Product Documentation.