Connecting a DATABridge Client to Enterprise Server

Use one of the following procedures to connect DATABridge Client to Enterprise Server.

To connect via the Client Console

If you run the DATABridge Client from the Client Console, use the Console to connect to Enterprise Server.

  1. In the Client Console, in the Explorer tab, right-click the service and choose Add Data Source.
  2. In the Add Data Source dialog box, in the Data Source Name box, type the name that will be referenced for all cloning and tracking. For SQL Server, this can be the ODBC data source or another name.
  3. In the SQL Server or Oracle section, for Data Source, type the name that you've created for the relational database.
  4. For Host name, type the IP address or the name of the computer on which Enterprise Server is running.
  5. For Port, type the Enterprise Server port number. This number appears in the DATABridge Director dialog box.
  6. Click Finish.

To connect the Client via a command session

If you run DATABridge Client from a command line, type the following command:

dbutility define datasource hostname portnumber




One of the following:

  • The base source name (no additional filtering besides what is done on the mainframe)
  • The local source name (can include additional filtering)

    Use source names as they appear in the DBEnterprise Sources pane.


The IP address or name of the PC on which Enterprise Server is installed


The port number for Enterprise Server.

To confirm this port number, in the Enterprise Server window, click the DBDirector button. The port number appears in the DATABridge Director dialog box.