How the Info Utility Works

DATABridge Info enables you to create reports about a specified DMSII database, along with mainframe identification information and DATABridge licenses and software. You can run DATABridge Info in either normal mode or interactive mode. The following table explains the benefits of each:

In this mode

You can

Normal mode

  • Display the current (active) AFN
  • Display the current database update level
  • Return the number of sections in an audit file
  • Generate a report that includes: various timestamps; update levels; DMSII release level; AFN; ABSN; whether the database uses guardfiles; and whether INDEPENDENTTRANS is set to true or false for a DMSII database. (This information is gathered from the DESCRIPTION file, the DMSUPPORT file, and the CONTROL file). The report also includes mainframe identification information, DBEngine runtime parameters, and DATABridge licenses and software.

Interactive mode

  • Find the first quiet point in an audit trail from a specified AFN and ABSN (you can run DATABridge Info in normal mode to determine the current AFN and ABSN).
  • For each found quiet point, DATABridge Info displays the AFN, ABSN, SEG, and INX. You can then use this information to configure the Span Accessory or the DATABridge Client after a rollback.