Tanker Accessory WFL

You can modify the WFL/DATABRIDGE/TANKER file for the following:

  • QUEUE (If you want the Tanker Accessory to enter the system through job queue 10, you must modify the WFL to include the QUEUE (or CLASS) = 10 declaration.)

Tanker Accessory TASKVALUEs

WFL/DATABRIDGE/TANKER also includes support for reporting the success or failure of the Tanker Accessory. To do so, the Tanker Accessory sets its TASKVALUE to the last error message number.

When the Tanker Accessory encounters any errors, whether from DBEngine (1–899), the Support Library (1400–1499), or encountered directly (900–999, 1800–1899), it returns the number as a positive value in its TASKVALUE. These error numbers are listed in Appendix A, “Messages."


In WFL/DATABRIDGE/TANKER, the TASK is defined as TANKER and the value is returned as TANKER (VALUE). Following is sample WFL code that displays the TANKER (VALUE):