Audit and Property Levels

Caution: Do not make changes to Audit level or Property level unless you are instructed to do so by Attachmate. This information is for reference only.

Audit level = number
Property level = "numberstring"




An integer that represents the audit level DBEngine can use even if it was compiled with a different audit level.


The value that represents the property level of the DESCRIPTION file that DBEngine can use even if it was compiled with a different property level.

Audit level = 7
Property level = "050210"

Audit levels and property levels can have multiple entries, as in this example:

Audit level = 7

Property level = "040230"

Property level = "040710"

The DBEngine options that follow are available for these circumstances:

  • When an audit file has a different audit level than the one with which DBEngine was compiled
  • When the DESCRIPTION file has a different property level than any of the values in the DATABridge internal property level list

In either of these cases, DBEngine checks its parameter file for an entry that indicates the software level for which DBEngine is compatible. If an audit level or property level mismatch remains after DBEngine checks the parameter file, DBEngine displays a message about the mismatch and returns an error. At this point, DBEngine stops processing for the database in question.