DATABridge Support for DMSII Structure Types

DATABridge supports data sets, remaps, and logical databases. DATABridge Accessories can request information for data in remaps by specifying the remap’s structure number, the same as in specifying data sets.

Note: DATABridge cannot read audit files copied to tape with the Unisys QuickCopy program.

For information on DMSII structure types supported by DATABridge Clients, see the DATABridge Client Administrator’s Guide.

DATABridge supports all DMSII data set structure types for flat file output and data items, except for the following

Data Sets Not Supported

  • Data sets embedded within an ORDERED or COMPACT data set. To clone an ORDERED or COMPACT data set, it must have NO DUPLICATES set.
  • Embedded data sets if INDEPENDENTTRANS is reset. If INDEPENDENTTRANS is reset but the EMBEDDED EXTRACTS option is set in the DATABridge Span or Snapshot parameter file, embedded data sets can be extracted (cloned, but without any fixups).
  • Partitioned structures

Data Items Not Supported


Even though the Engine does not return layout information for the types listed above, by using RAWFORMAT, a host accessory (Span, for example) can gain access to the data for the item types listed above. If the Accessory uses a format generated by GenFormat, though, these special data items are not available. The DATABridge Clients do not have access to these special data items.