Change the SQL Data Type

Use the following procedure to change the SQL data type in the relational database. You can change the data type by selecting a mapping option for the DMS item.

While it's not recommended, you can directly change the properties of the relational database columns. For example, you can changing "varchar" to "var". If you modify the length of a column, make sure that the record does not exceed its maximum size.

Note: If your database is already cloned, making this type of change to the relational database requires recloning unless your relational database supports data type transformations.

  1. In the Explorer view, right-click a data source and choose Customize Data Source.
  2. In the DMSII view, select a data set that contains data items you want to change.
  3. Do one of the following:
    • Right-click a data item and select a data type (for example, Clone as Binary or Clone as Date). From the toolbar, click Refresh Relational to show the change in the Relational view.
    • In the Relational view, select a data item. Then, in the Relational Properties view, click the value for SQL Type and select an option from the drop-down menu. Modify the length and scale values, as needed. If you modify the length, make sure that the record doesn't exceed its maximum size. Click anywhere outside the Value field.
  4. To undo your changes, right-click the modified item, and select Discard Changes.
  5. In the toolbar, click Save Save button.