Import a Client Configuration File

Use this procedure to import a text-based client configuration file as a new binary configuration file. Binary configuration files can be used with both command-line and service-based client operations.

  • Open a command session and run the following command:

    dbutility options import

    This command processes the text file (dbridge.ini) and creates an equivalent binary configuration file (dbridge.cfg) in the same directory (config). If the text file contains errors, no binary file is created. Instead, you'll receive an error message to help you identify the error.



    -f filename

    Use this option to specify the file you want to import (that is, the input file). This file is assumed to be in the config subdirectory of the working directory, unless the full path is specified, starting with a backslash (Windows) or forward slash (UNIX).


    Use this option if the exported and imported filenames are the same to allow the existing file to be overwritten. For example:

    dbutility -u export dbridge.cfg

    This command exports a text file called "dbridge.cfg" and creates the binary configuration file "dbridge.cfg" which replaces the text file of the same name.