Description of the Views

The following table includes a description of each of the Client Console views (in alphabetical order). Views appear in the Client Console and the Client Configurator window unless otherwise noted.




Displays information about clients running in the background and all log output except statistical data.


A tree-view representation of Client services and data sources.

DMSII Properties

(Client Configurator only) The DMSII view in the Client Configurator shows configurable data sets for the selected data source. The DMSII Properties view shows the properties for most items selected in the DMSII view, specifically the service, data set, DMS item and the DATASETS node. You can modify properties by selecting the available options. (Click the Value column to show an input field, a list box, or a switchable value.) The controls in the upper-right corner change the way properties are displayed within the view.

DMSII Counters

Shows counters based on incremental statistics that the client accumulates while processing audit files. These are shown after the current audit file is processed.

At the bottom of the chart, AFN and ABSN data identifies the audit file and the audit block that are currently being processed. A scroll bar lets you navigate counters for previously processed audit files. Only non-zero values are graphed in the chart. The AFN and ABSN data at the bottom of the chart identifies the data set.

Lag Time

(Client Console only) The elapsed time between when an update is applied in the DMSII database and when the update appears in the relational database. The plotted value is the difference between the current time and the timestamp of the audit. From the Lag Time view menu, select Client Status Options to modify the number of charted data points and the frequency with which the Client is queried for status updates. Data is saved on a per-run basis. Export Statistics allows the user to save the statistics used to generate the chart into a CSV (comma delimited) file. To see the statistics for another run, select that run in the Explorer view.

Performance Statistics

(Client Console only) Shows statistics that are based on unsolicited messages the client sends at the end of audit files.


(Client Console only) Shows the properties of an item selected in the Explorer view. The properties, values, and options that appear in this view are determined by the type of item that's selected.


and Relational Properties

(Client Configurator only) The Relational view shows the data tables and columns as they are mapped in the relational database. The Relational Properties view shows properties for the selected items. From this view you can modify data set types and table and column names.

Note: To customize the layout of the relational database, use the DMSII Properties view.

Task Time

(Client Console only) The AFN and ABSN data at the bottom of the chart identifies the audit file and the audit block that are currently being processed. A pie graph that represents the time increments for each task the client performed when processing the current audit file.