This guide uses the following conventions and terms:

Convention or Term

Used to indicate

this type style

text you type
filenames and folder names
onscreen messages


document titles

[square brackets]

command options
For example, [ true | false ]. (Do not type the brackets.)

hypen (-)

All command options for Windows and UNIX systems. Windows users can substitute the slash (/) for the hyphen (-).


DMSII data set and data item names


All commands, even though the DATABridge Client program is not case-sensitive. Command-line options, however, are case-sensitive. Furthermore, UNIX filenames and the program name are also case-sensitive. You must enter these names exactly as they are shown in this guide. The exception is menu commands that you select from the Client Console or Client Configurator.

DATABridge Client
the Client

DATABridge Client for Oracle, the DATABridge Client for Microsoft SQL Server, the DATABridge Client for DB2, and the DATABridge Client for Informix, unless otherwise specified.

service (term)

Windows service and UNIX daemon

MCP server
mainframe (terms)

Unisys ClearPath NX, LX or A Series mainframe

DBServer (term)

DATABridge Server Accessory

DBEnterprise (term)

DATABridge Enterprise Server

Relational database query tool (term)

One of the following, unless otherwise specified:

  • SQL Server 2005 Management Studio query window
  • SQL Server 2000 Query Analyzer
  • Oracle SQL*Plus
  • DB2 command-line processor
  • Informix DB-Access


One of the following, unless otherwise specified:

  • Microsoft Windows Server 2008
  • Windows Server 2003
  • Windows 2000 Server
  • Advanced Server