Appendix E: Service Configuration

This appendix lists the configuration parameters for the service that automates most Client operations. For more information about the service configuration file, see Client Configuration Files.

Modifying the Service Configuration File

DATABridge Client 6.1 and later uses binary configuration files that do not permit manual changes. You can configure the service by using options in the Client Console. Your changes are automatically saved to the service configuration file (dbcontrol.cfg).

In a new installation, the first time you start the service it copies the sample configuration file (dbcontrol.smp) to the config subdirectory as dbcontrol.cfg after creating the config and logs subdirectories for the working directory. In an upgrade, the migrate program creates the dbcontrol.cfg file and adds all of your pre-existing data sources to it.

To make manual changes to the binary service configuration file, you must export it as an editable text file. For more information, see Exporting and Importing Configuration Files.