Using EXTRA! for Accessory Manager

EXTRA! for Accessory Manager is a suite of terminal emulators (3270, 5250, and VT) and non-INFOConnect connection tools that let your PC communicate with an IBM mainframe, A/S 400, or DEC host. EXTRA! for Accessory Manager is a stand-alone application that exists in a separate folder. You can run this application by itself, or you can create and open EXTRA! sessions within Accessory Manager.

To use EXTRA! sessions within Accessory Manager, you must keep both applications installed. When you open an EXTRA! session within Accessory Manager, the session still requires files from the INFOCNEE\EXTRA folder in order to run.

Limitations of EXTRA! for Accessory Manager

Although you can create and open EXTRA! sessions within Accessory Manager and perform most of the functions that you can with any other emulator, there are some limitations:

EXTRA! Administrative Tools

In addition to the utilities included with INFOConnect, EXTRA! for Accessory Manager provides a few utilities that are installed into the same program group under Windows. For more information about these utilities, see the Related Topics links.

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