Editing Host Code Pages

With the Attachmate Host Code Page Editor, you can create custom code pages that:

Use Host Code Page Editor to change host values if characters print or display incorrectly, or if a department wants different characters to appear. For example, if an asterisk (*) prints incorrectly on a laser printer, you can change the host value to print a dollar sign ($) instead. Or, easily meet the request of a department to print a space instead of a pipe sign (¦). You can also create a new host page to make temporary printing changes to a host document.

Host Code Page Editor makes it easy for you to determine which host value should display. For example, if you are having trouble with file transfer and would like to learn which value should display a copyright symbol (©), you can open Host Code Page Editor and identify the value.

To edit a host code page
  1. Run the following file to open the Host Code Page Editor:


  2. From the File menu, choose New.

    The Select Base Host Code Page appears.

  3. Select the Host Code Page that you want to modify, and click OK.

    The selected Host Code Page is displayed in the Editor.

  4. Double-click the value you want to modify, enter the new value, then press the ENTER key.

    You must use the ENTER key to establish the new value.

  5. Save your new custom code page with a unique name.

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