APPN End Node Support

The INFOConnect APPN End Node implementation makes it possible for workstations to participate in an APPN network. Information can be exchanged with any APPN Network Node, which results in improved performance and easier configuration in the network.

Many different APIs in the APPC/APPN environment are supported, including:

APPN Node supports Dependent LU Requester (DLUR/DLUS) conversations with your 3270 applications. This allows you to route full 3270 traffic across your APPN network. The Dynamic Definition of Dependent LU (DDDLU) feature enables simpler configuration of VTAM physical units (PU). You can assign pools of LUs on the host instead of listing each LU on a PU definition.

Using the APPN Node Manager application, users and administrators can monitor, activate and deactivate items in the APPN Node, and the INFOConnect Status App utility supports all types of APPC and CPI-C tracing.

These highlights are a subset of the features available in the INFOConnect APPN End Node implementation. Context-sensitive Help is available throughout the APPN Configurator and APPN Node Manager applications to provide more assistance.

Note The recommended procedure is to use the New Session wizard to create new sessions and specify connectivities prior to using the APPN Configurator to add peer connectivities.
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